Friday, November 8, 2013

Florida Bound!

It felt time for a little road trip. We're off to Florida for a long weekend! 

That's right. I live in a place that looks like New England but is driving distance from Florida. 



Sian said...

haha What.

Cant wait to see what you get up to x

4boysmama said...

Hi Melina, youve gained another new reader in me. I am originally from Seattle, grew up in Ballard, so your mention of Golden Gardens has me hooked. Can't wait to read more. I now live in Utah. Have you had the pleasure of visiting the red rock country? its right up your alley, I think. Keep on keeping on, girl!!!

CaliGal said...

Cool Miss M!

Where ya headed?

I grew in S Florida so, I'm hoping you'll be crashin' in my old hood.

Keep us posted! :D

Reem from said...

I've been reading your blog ever since you were featured on kelle's blog - today I got really excited to see you featured again on her blog:)! 2 of my favorite bloggers on one blog ! Hope you enjoyed the kids and Florida- look forward to hearing your view soon!:)

CaliGal said...

Ah-ha!! Found you! (Well, at least for today/yesterday.) You're with Kelle and the clan! How lovely! :) Hoping you're having a great time still. Be safe and don't forget your sunscreen. ;)

Karen Travels said...

Hello from Charlotte, NC. Asheville is one of my favorite places! Love the blog!

Anonymous said...

You have a generous view of "driving distance", but I like it.