Saturday, November 23, 2013

little blocks

It's not that I want to stop writing. Just the opposite, in fact. But I've had to learn a new language lately. For many months I've been embedded in the minor keys of sadness, disconsolate chords of discontent. I shed that when I moved to this funny little town, and the grand flip of my life has left me mute.
I promise you, my own happiness is a thousand times more musical than sadness. I just haven't learned how to transcribe it yet.


Emily Hackethorn said...

Love this marching band snap! Great photos lately. Melina, everyone is happy for you! I knew you would love it there, having heard only incredible things from amazing people about this Missoula sister-town. So many ways to express emotion in life, words don't always have to be responsible. Just keep on creating, and living, girlfriend!

JChester said...

I totally understand that!

Catherine said...

I really resonate with that, Mel. It is when I am sad and depressed that I feel compelled to write and that I have writted my most beautiful peace. Finding our voice through joy is strangely harder. I wish you do!