Wednesday, December 4, 2013

FAQ - Round 2 - raw dogs and north dakota eludes me

Ladies & Gentlemen, boys & girls, lads "n'" lasses, here is round two of FAQ - Finally Answer the damn Questions. Round one is here, although I could sum it up for you right now: I have this job and I went to UW, go dawgs.

6. Have you been to all 50 states? 
When I was a precocious 19 year old, I began a quest I called '48 before 21.' My goal- to visit all the lower 48 states by the time I was 21.

I failed. By the time I could legally drink alcohol, I hadn't even been to Montana, which was two states away. Also, at the time, I was counting airport layovers as a legitimate 'visits' which I've since been told is truly reproachable behavior.

I'm almost 29 now, and I've been to every state except Hawaii and North Dakota. I keep hoping work will send me to North Dakota, but I don't see that happening. Still, a girl can hope! Come on, Bismarck public housing authorities!

7. What happened with the raw/vegan thing?
So I never intended to go completely raw or vegan.

I did think about eating primarily raw because at the time I lived in Seattle (it's big in Seattle) and I was rather heartbroken, and when I'm heartbroken I like to temporarily immerse myself in severe nutrition trends.

I quickly became disenchanted with the idea. The 80 dollar pan of raw peanutbutter and jelly bars put me over the edge.

Also, I'm completely un-heartbroken now and I eat whateverthehell. Absolutely whatever I want. It's become an issue. Just yesterday, I had to talk myself down from buying a bottle of champagne to drink while making dinner with my boyfriend.

I really think, said rational me, that you should save Champagne for when you have something special to celebrate. 

Something special to celebrate? Irrational me shot back.  We're making soup together! 

What could be more celebratory?

 Either way, I didn't buy it. Victory.

8. How did Hometeam get her name?
I once visited the distant island of Western Samoa. While I was there I built a toilet or something.

One of the islands was infested with cute puppies. The islanders spoke Samoan, but they had an English nickname for all the puppies- they called them all 'Hometeam.'

I decided this was the best name for a dog, ever. Hands down.

Five or six years later I had this terrible boyfriend. Just terrible. He had his moments, but still. Anyway, I told him my very special and secret dog name. He thought it was fantastic. When we broke up, he told me "I'm going to steal your dog name. And I'm obviously in more of a position to get a dog, so I'll probably get one first."

Three weeks later I picked out Hometeam.

Him: still no dog. I should add he's no longer so terrible.
That concludes round 2, thanks for playing everyone!


Mira's mom said...

Your peanutbutter and jelly bar posts will always be a favorite. Laughed so hard and read it to my family who also enjoyed. Been there!

Melina said...

Thanks! The best part about that post is I did not have to hyperbolize at all. It was really that bad.


SmithShack71 said...

Baby Hometeam! omg

Kirsten Gardner said...

"I was rather heartbroken, and when I'm heartbroken I like to temporarily immerse myself in severe nutrition trends." - love this so much. And I agree that only in the fog of heartbreak can purposefully upping your intake of spirulina seem like a worthy cause to devote yourself to. Been there sister. xo KG

katrkatekate said...

Drink champagne whenever you please, celebrate life!!

Susan said...

Can I tell you how happy I am when you post? So.happy. Love it! I had a horrible boyfriend in college. Thanks to FB, I am able to follow the hot mess his life has become. Mostly I feel sad for what has happened but now and again, I do allow myself to think.." That would never have happened if he had treated me right."

Jacki said...

OMG ... tiny baby Hometeam! So freakin' cute!!

Melina said...

@kirsten, hilariously I have a full-but-for-2-tablespoons jar of spirulina on the fridge. I really dislike that stuff it tastes like algae. I think it is algae.

Melina said...

@katekatekate I completely agree. However, I just got done from a 8 day champagne binge over thankgsiving at my parents house. It was time for a tiny break.

ashevillemom said...

I had a terrible boyfriend actually succeed in stealing my dog name. Porter. It's been so long I could use the name now without a second thought.

Sian said...

love these little insights x

Sean and Lia said...

My brother in law and his new wife stole my dog name. I still haven't gotten over it or congratulated them on the dog (I'm petty like that). But seriously, who does that? At least our current dog is way cooler than theirs (the name was for our future next dog).

Emily said...

This whole post was just wonderful. Also, I love the idea of celebrating making soup... but good self-control anyway...

adventurekate said...

Not many would blame you if you never made it to North Dakota. As for the spirulina- try sprinkling a *tiny* bit in a smoothie now and again... you can mask the taste, still get the health-boosting effects?

Jana Cottrell said...

My husband and I have had "Champagne Sundays" for years now. We drink Champagne and watch football while folding clothes. It makes the day much less dull :)

meghanssj said...

I can't believe that North Dakota eludes you. It haunts me. My husband is from there, and passing along the windblown boarder is the shortest distance from my now home town to my first home town in Canada. When you go, try to go to the Badlands, where it is beautiful.

Theresa said...

Starting to worry about you! I check your blog almost daily and hearing crickets around here always makes me nervous. I know you have an adventurers heart. Please stay safe and let us know you are alright :) Oh, and happy holidays!

CaliGal said...

I'm worried about you too, M. Where ya at, babe?
Com'on...give us somethin'. ;)


Happy New Year too! :D

Melanie Allen said...

Melina, where ARE you? Your blog is my best secret pleasure and I'm getting worried for you.

Melanie Allen said...

Melina, where ARE you? Your blog is my best secret pleasure and I'm getting worried for you.