Friday, August 29, 2014

all in a (studious) week

Things have changed. Sometimes I go backwards in this blog and look at the 'all in a week' posts from last year. So many activities, so many landscapes, each one matched with the perfect alcoholic apres.

Now? Lots of conversion factors and fluorescent lights. The AB tech math lab followed by private tutoring night-capped with my kitchen table flooded in paper. Not much alcohol as it appears I have interstitial cystitis and I pay dearly for every drink I drink. I found that out this week.  

I don't think the Urologist office will make the post because I could not get a fun-feeling photo out of that place. I tried.

I suppose that's what makes this weekly photo roundup interesting to me, though. How things change.   
1. 94 degree days every day, the dog slouches through her walks 2. my highlighter broke open in my mouth 3. chemistry 4. celebrated one year! 5. weekend in Durham 6. bent creek trails as the sun goes down 7. I saw one friend this week, she made me dinner, I remembered that I like having friends. 8. the dog cooling off 9. late night at Cosmic Cantina with Dave's oldest friends 10. my 'quick ride before studying' became a two hour doozy when I got fantastically lost. 

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Anonymous said...

I should probably just send you an email about this rather than comment, but here goes. I went to a urologist for suspected IC about 6 months ago. She basically told me that I was going to be in pain for the rest of my life. I freaked out as I am sure you can relate to. I went to get a second opinion at a teaching hospital in Atlanta. He immediately said you do not have IC. I have pelvic floor dysfunction that was very much related to my poor bowel health as it turns out. My pelvic floor was spasming which was causing my urethra to be constricted (TMI-sorry). How I have dealt with it is to eat a very fiber rich diet. I take a tsp of powder magnesium in hot water at night, and tbsp. of flax seed in a smoothie everyday. I don't eat gluten at all anymore. I also saw a pelvic floor physical therapist. My symptoms are completely gone. Do not settle for the initial IC diagnosis. It is one of top misdiagnosed conditions. Gosh, I hope my overshare helps. :)