Wednesday, October 29, 2014

All in 2 weeks and an update

The leaves are going off and I'm recovering from an accident involving my mountain bike and a car. That's right, I sprained my illial-sacral joint while throwing my bike on top of my car. I've had to take it slow in the exercise department, so enjoy the many (many) photos of leafy walks. 

My days begin at 5:30 or 6:00am. I like to study before my classes in the one Cafe that is open at such an ungodly, albeit peaceful, hour.  Not pictured here are the mornings spent sitting in a lecture room, and the many, many hours in the academic tutoring center at school, scowling over problems of enthalpy. It's not terrible though, I've made one friend. Her name is Maggie. 

Following class, I take the dog into the woods, wander through grocery stores for leisure, get three strides into long run, remember that I really dislike running, continue at a slow walk. I crank out 5 hours of lab, meet friends for a beer, go home, go to bed, stay awake all night regretting the beer. We get out hiking when we can, play cards and shuffleboard, I try and cook, I get depressed when another meal turns out weird. I clean the kitchen over and over and over. I fret about my figure, my weak arms, and my bank account. I fall into bed at nine, watch old SNL episodes and pray for sleep. It comes about half the time. 

Sometimes Dave and I run errands. We shop for groceries or hunt through Good Will. During those times I feel a warm contentment wash over me, and I feel like I'm floating. Like I'm made of air. I am very poor right now and my life is so lovely. 

I just thought I'd give a snapshot of things right now, because I haven't in a while. 

1. North Carolina backroads 2. Monopoly Deal on our porch- I've never won 3. Fifty beers on tap at the new bar down the road 4. dog in leaf pile 5. Erich visited during a break from med school and we hiked along the parkway 6. an impromptu fancy cocktail date 7. I like being outside with him, also inside 8. a Vermont worthy tree 9. I fell in love with this shirt from Holdfast Outfitters, a local Asheville company 10. the game that reminds us all of college 11. Voted! 12. Farm Burger with Molly and Yonton- who is one of the reasons I moved to Asheville in the first place. 

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Anonymous said...

Those leaves are to die for!

Anonymous said...

I've been sitting here wondering how I cannot make this sound weird, but I will just come out with it.

A really good beginner recipe for this time of year and for a discerning palate is Wolfgang Puck's Shepherd's pie (just google it). It is a little on the pricey side to make. I would try to get the ground lamb from an ethnic grocery store. Its usually cheaper. This recipe literally makes a ton of food. I typically freeze it in individual portions. It goes a long way.

Now I will go take my awkward self and hide under a rock. lol

Melina said...

Please come out from behind your rock! Thanks for leaving that comment, as just yesterday I almost begged for simple recipes on my Facebook wall! I'll definitely make that Shepards pie- thank you! You rock!

Michelle said...

This all looks so peaceful and lovely, Melina. Asheville seems to suit you. Here's my email address as I'd love to mail you a letter.


Michelle said...

Shit. Wrong email address.
Right one:


meg bird said...

Cleaning the kitchen over and over and over. I know dat feel.

Anonymous said...

I think the photo of "Dog in leaf pile" is my favorite ever! It just makes me giggle seeing that glimmer in his eyes.

Cooking is hard especially when you are busy and living a stressful life. The crockpot can be your best friend. Look up Kelle's pork carnitas recipe because it has all the magic -- tastes wonderful, cheap, easy, makes a bunch and freezes well. I'm no cook, but even I can impress the neighbors with that recipe!

Anna Lola said...

Just one question: Will you marry me?

Brit said...

"My days begin at 5:30 or 6:00am." I'm sorry, who was the author of this post?