Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Arkansas//Drawing Winner

I would be happy to live in Fayetteville, Arkansas. It was 21 degrees and felt remarkably like Vermont. I spent the weekend with old friends who ran the Grand Canyon with me almost seven years ago. That one icy month plunging through enormous rapids on the Colorado River, in a ditch one mile deep, changed everything. It's how I met Will, and Will is how I met Dave. And that's just one example.  It was worth the frostbite, sickness, raft flips, scary swims and ice storms. At the end of the month, we would have all crawled happily back up that river just to do it all again.  

And now for the winner of the first Mystery Prize Monday! Thank you to everyone who participated, we now have a fantastic source of good things on the Wilder Coast's Pinterest Page : your own creations, handmades from your sister, portraits from your cousin, furniture by your uncle. There is Jewelry with secret messages, hand poured candles, delicate baby things, elegant wooden kids toys, swoon-worthy writing paper and supplies...the list goes on. 

Start here when you think of gift giving, it's more than just small and handcrafted- it's our own community! 

Here is Holli randomly choosing the winner. (And Holli happens to be wearing a bicycle tank from the local to Asheville, one-woman business Holdfast Outfitters!)

Congrats Marie! We love, and how awesome that the very first winner of the Make More Mail Initiative recommended a shop that makes stamps, stationary, and other mail related things. Feels like fate. Marie, email and we'll get your mystery prize in the mail.

Thanks everyone! See you soon! 


Momma Bee said...

Perfect! Congrats Marie, and thank you for the recommendation! Funny how these things work. Earlier today my cousin posted a link for discounted Elsa and Anna dresses, which was fate because I was planning on buying them this week for my girls for Christmas. I've also been thinking (for a long time) that I wanted a personalized address stamp because I hate writing it over and over and over on bills and holiday cards. So truly, this is perfect and I am perusing their options now! Thank you!

Cindy W said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed AR! Fayetteville is close to where I live in SW Missouri. I never comment, but love following your journeys!

Marie said...

Thanks Melina! I'm excited to be the winner. I emailed you. I love checking out everyone's suggestions - there is some great stuff out there!

Alannah said...

I never expected anything different - but you are every bit as charming, spunky, sweet, and beautiful in person as you come across in writing. Loved meeting you finally!