Monday, January 5, 2015

10 awesome things from 2014

Why does it surprise me when each year is so different than the last? My days feel so linked by routine that I barely notice things are changing unless I look backwards. 

This was 2012.
This was 2013

And here are the 10 defining phenomena of 2014:

1. Nicaragua
We barely glanced at a guidebook before we left, we just went. We didn't kayak, work, teach or do anything useful at all. For the very first time, I drank coconut water out of a coconut. It was monumental. 

2. Reunion
In June, on the outskirts of Yellowstone, the Academy at Adventure Quest had its first reunion in twelve years. Everyone who showed up was happy and healthy, with good jobs and pretty spouses and lives still filled with adventure. For the very first time, we talked about what happened there, why the school dissolved. We had a memorial service and kayaked the Gallatin river. It was strange and wonderful and a little eerie, like we had all suddenly found ourselves in the same dream. But that's how it's always felt with that school. 

3. Riding on Trails with Women

Mountain biking was a new phenomenon to me in 2014. This year was all about the women I rode with. They were my trail guides and technical coaches, and they fixed my chain when it broke. They knew more than me and I liked following them as they darted through trees.

4. The Remodel

David bought a house with holes in the walls. It was filled with shot guns and assault rifles. We emptied it, skinned it, wrenched the carpet off of the floor. Our friends stopped by to pull out hundreds of staples. We yanked out appliances as if they were teeth and replaced them with new ones, bright white and shining. The painting was the easy part, the crumbling kitchen was not. For a while we had no bathroom and no shower, but the work we did was so satisfying that for the most part we kept very cheerful. By the end of the summer it was fit for living, with a polished wood floor and new locks on new doors. I've never done anything like that before.

5. Cohabiting 

After the floors were done, but before we had an indoor shower, I moved in with David. Since then we've been living out that particular portion of life that older people look back on with nostalgia- we filled our house with second hand furniture, we're always happy to see each other and we make our own broth to save money. I've never done anything like this before, either. 

6. The Obed
Where the climbing is so good that my friends make the trek all the way from Seattle. 

7. Chemistry
I will remember exactly two things from the basic chemistry class at Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College: one, I got an A, which felt, as my friend So so eloquently puts it,  like "sweet revenge." Two, my teacher spoke with such a strong southern accent that when he said "Flourine" for the first time I burst out laughing. It sounded like he was demanding the attention of a surly waitress at a Waffle House. It was the only time I laughed that semester.

8. The team that couldn't win 
My fall league ultimate frisbee team had the big idea of donating a canned good to the food bank for every point that we scored. It was a hungry, hungry season for Asheville. On the field we were a weekly disaster with flashes of brilliance; on the sidelines this was the warmest, friendliest team I've ever known. We became the kind of friends who would plan a pizza night and then actually all show up. This was as novel to me as the coconuts. 

9. Roots
In my first six months here, I don't think I got it through my head that I was really going to stay.  I felt like a happy tourist, always a few weeks away from flying back to my apartment in Seattle. Then one day I had a house, and a student ID, and a boyfriend who speaks with a heavy southern drawl. The ribbons of trails that surround the town were all of a sudden familiar. Then, as if to drive the point home, I got a writing job as the 'local expert' of the outdoor scene here in Asheville; the organization is called Roots Rated.  When I go out exploring the Blue Ridge Mountains, bizarre thoughts float through my head, things like "This will be a good spot to take our kids in a year or so." 

10. Make more mail 
follow the make more mail initiative in 2015 on instagram @melinadream
I finally figured out the purpose of this blog. 

Speaking of. 

What's on your list from 2014? Tell me something new that you were introduced to in the past year, and you'll be entered to win this week's mystery prize. Which, I have to say, is so incredibly appealing that it's difficult to not open it myself and dig in. It will be the Best Thing Ever to find its way into your mailbox. And the brand 2015 Wilder Coast photo thank you cards turned out pretty well, too. 

Happy New Year my friends!! I can't wait to read about your phenomenal phenomenons. 


Bekah said...

I love your list. Your frisbee team sounds a lot like my old hockey team. We were awful - but oh did we ever love each other.

Something new - hmm. Choosing happiness. Not that I wasn't ever happy, or anything like that, but I feel like this year changed me a lot - and a good portion of that was forcing myself to see the beauty, even in the really hard times.

In terms of actual tangible firsts - I got chickens this year. I bleeping love them.

Kirsten Gardner said...

I love this Melina! Actually just constructed something similar for my now very tardy holiday cards which still have not found their way into the mail. 2014 was my best year ever. I turned 30 in Myanmar and took myself hot air ballooning to celebrate. It was indulgent but seemed age appropriate. I started leading ice and have since become an addict, realizing that I probably will choose ice climbing over a great many other forms of vacation. My brother came to Peru with me in March; he got to see what I 'do' for a living and we had a marvelous time in the Tambopata Rainforest and on the Inca Trail. The outdoors called me away from my desk, and what started as a confusing and hectic season of guiding 80+ hour weeks gradually rolled into great expanses of time to go into the mountains and seek new adventures. These days usually did not coincide with weekends so I also had to find new partners with similar wonky schedules but they all showed up right when I needed them and took me on adventures to new places like Hyalite Canyon, the Tantalus Range in BC and a FA on a new route on Squamish's chief. Greatest of all adventures was the self-guided expedition down the Grand but that is a whole different animal - a lifetime of awesomeness/terror/impact wrapped into 20 days. All of these experiences plus a huge pay cut taught me that I actually need very little 'stuff' to survive, be happy and be productive. It was a good 'know thyself' life lesson that perhaps comes with age. Perhaps best of all though was seeing so many friends really finding their groove in life and having my family healthy. 2014 was so good to me, I tried to hold onto the last sunset of the year, running all of the way to the Olympic Coast to see it off because I didn't want it to end.

Erin Macauley said...

I learned how to relish time and people in a different way.

Jamaica was my first real "unplug" vacation. The reason I know this is because when I went back to work, I asked my coworkers, very concernedly, "How ARE you, how have things been?" As if it had been two weeks since I had seen them, not a mere 5 days.

I'm carrying this into 2015: SAVOR is the theme for the year.

Emery Tillman said...

Great list.
something new for 2014: travel without a plane ticket home.

Something new for 2015: live on a boat. So far nothing beats having breakfast while watching dolphins.

Kelsey Imondi said...

I love your list, so much happiness, fun, and adventure, all the best things! Unfortunately I'm not sure I can come up with 10 things from my year, overall my family received some devastating news and although my motto had been to "choose joy" it's been rough... but I can think of a few new things that really meant a lot to me. We got more into rock climbing outdoors and spent 4 days on a remote island in Thailand doing just that, it was amazing. My second nephew was born and he and his older brother and sister are the happiest kids you'll ever meet. And the biggest NEW thing for me in 2014 was finding out that my husband and I are expecting our first child, due in early July :)

to my roots said...

Love this, Melina!!! You're such an inspiration to never stop discovering and relishing in all that life has to offer :)

After a really rough 2013, I decided to start my 2014 with a WORD for the year: PERSPECTIVE. I began by going to India. To step out of my comfort zone and just go. I had no real agenda or reason. Just to travel, hang out, meet people, and apparently learn what it's like puking out a bus window while paying attention so I wasn't beheaded by an oncoming bus in the process. People didn't flinch at anything. India was wild. Talk about Perspective.

Then I came home, met my now fiance, moved, changed jobs, and kept on keepin on. It's been a year of growth to say the least.

For 2015 I've decided my word is EXPANSION. I'm ready to expand in every sense of the word. It includes spending more time with YOU when you have time!!! :)

kelsey hoekstra said...

something new from 2014: speaking up. I had some anxiety issues in the fall semester but instead of keeping it to myself (ok i did for a while but), i actually reached out to people to try to make things better. I ended up writing something for a project a girl started at my school about resilience. it's not going to win any writing awards, but its the first time i've put my personal struggles out in a public way. It was terrifying but I'm glad I did it
something new for 2015: I moved! I moved to the local foods interest house and my goal for the year is to find what makes me truly happy and keep doing that.

Valerie W. said...

I think one of my biggest defining moments of 2014 was finally figuring out what I want out of a relationship. I’m 32, so you’d think I’d have this shit figured out. Nope. I have 13 years of dysfunctional & unhealthy relationships under my belt. My last relationship ended in February. It was a bad breakup. But during that shitty time, I dug deep and learned a lot about myself, what I want & the type of person I want to share life with. I’ve been single since February & it’s good. I’ve finally realized that being alone is better than being with someone I know isn’t right for me. Maybe the right guy will come along someday and maybe he won’t. Either way, I’ll be OK.

Sarah said..., this sounds so very OLD but, I learned to crochet! My grandma just about raised me, and we had the most amazing relationship. As I got older, so did she, and the who took care of who changed gears. She died in 2008, and I miss her terribly. She was an avid crocheter, and I loved feeling as if she was close when I would wrap up in an afghan she had made for me. One particularly cold night in January of 2014, I was putting one of her afghans on my kids at bedtime, and they said "ooh, one of grandmas blankets!!"...the fact that they "knew" her even though she was gone when they were 2.5 and 6 months made me smile, and made me determined to learn to crochet. To feel close to her with every stitch, and to leave my own legacy of afghans behind.

I'm still learning lots, but thanks to the internet, I've gotten much better and have crafted many scarves and hats, and even a whole afghan of my own that my 9 year old daughter loves to show off to our friends as "the blanket my mom made"! :)

2014 was a great year...can't wait to see what 2015 brings!!

Sarah said...

Hugs to you!!

Amy said...

Aww, what a great list! Let's see if I can come up with 10 of my own (in no particular order):
-bought our first house
-5 year wedding anniversary
-read war & peace
-quit my "career" to restart as an undergrad
-played on Milwaukee's first women's ultimate club team
-ran a 50k
-spent christmas with our niece
-knit my first something (bangles!)
-canned my first something! (jelly & applesauce)
-finally got my own d&d dice

not too shabby, but note to self: do not stress if every year isn't this awesome! :)

Jen said...

It was so nice reading about your great year as you experienced it. I am happy you've found happiness!

2014 was a damn good year for me too! I got married! I always rolled my eyes when people said their wedding days were the happiest of their lives, but it was an amazing day. Definitely one of the best.

Our honeymoon was also amazing. We spent half a week in San Diego on the beach relaxing, then flew to El Paso to visit friends and start our road trip. We went to El Paso, Austin, New Orleans, and Nashville spending two nights in each city. We discovered so much amazing food, drinks, music, and fun...and even got to drive the whole trip in a Mustang convertible due to a mix-up by the rental car company!

SmithShack71 said...

Happy New Year!

The sweet revenge pic is pretty epic.

Your man's hair is equally epic. Beautiful. Needs its own website.


Michelle said...

I love these, Melina!

I had many great moments in 2014 and made new friends who are WONDERFUL women and whom I share interests with. Travelling to Doe Bay on Orcas Island was a definite highlight. It felt good to do something like that - totally removed from my "Mom" identity and my kids were totally supportive.

Thanks for sharing. As always, I love both your photos and words.


Karen said...

2014. I started running. I've always hated running and figured I'd never be able to do it for any length of time. But as my anxiety levels crept higher and higher over the summer (for no apparent reason) I figured maybe my body was telling me that I needed to switch things up. I was so frustrated for the first couple weeks that I couldn't go for longer than two minutes without needing to walk. I was so proud the day that I ran for 4 minutes straight. I made it all the way to 18 minutes of running without stopping before the Canadian winter set in. I just can bring myself to run in the dark for fear I fall on ice. I can't wait to get back into it when the days get longer again!

ashevillemom said...

Very cool 2014 for you, Melina! One of my favorite pictures is the Chemistry one with Hometeam cowering in the corner. So funny. My favorite memory from 2014 was our family trip to California. My brother has lived there almost 10 years and we try to vist once a year. This year we road tripped to Yosemite and camped out a few nights. I'm not a climber but touching the base of El Capitan was awesome. Spending time with my family in such an awe inspiring place definitely made the top of 2014 for me.

Unknown said...

I was reintroduced to my life. My father passed away in August and my time suddenly felt too important to waste on a full-time job that I didn't love. I'm now working there part-time while I try and return to writing(gulp). I'm simultaneously terrified and so thrilled to be returning to the creative side of my brain. My Dad would be proud.

Anonymous said...

2014 was one of the craziest, saddest, most amazing years of my life. Firsts include:

- Teaching a graduate course
- Putting an offer in on a house and having it accepted
- Having that same house purchase fall through at the last minute
- Crying with a friend after the death of her child
- Moving into a rental house (no more apartments!)
- Having a baby

It was kind of nuts.

SmithShack71 said...

PS - Dude, I had to fight a demon from hell, but I finally got my Grandaddy's house back from her. We're home in the woods. The place that I grew up will be the place I die. 100 years from now.

Elisa said...

Wow! What a year for you! In fact, your writing from the past year has made me wonder if I might enjoy moving a bit further south. It's such a bizarre notion to me because I love living north...even when it's below zero. lol But goodness, Asheville sounds enticing! Anywho...I would say for 2014, not having a 'home' during the summer months was pretty monumental for me. I had a place to move into in the fall and friend's and family's couches to surf until then. I found myself in Embarrass, MN, Duluth, Minneapolis, Alexandria, Minneapolis, Cleveland OH and back again. My car was packed to the gills the entire time. And though it was exhausting some days, I felt equally empowered by having to make do with what I had with me at the time and humbled to be at the hospitable mercy of my hosts! Yes, what a year :)

Breanna Hanson said...

#5 - <3

And - "We became the kind of friends who would plan a pizza night and then actually all show up." It's the little things that aren't actual little things, isn't it?

In 2014 I had a hard cast for the first time after a bike accident riding in the city. Having my dominant hand, wrist, and lower arm unavailable for me to use was so disorienting and humbling at the same time, which is a terrible combination, and took me longer to get my bearings on life than it did for my wrist to heal. But on the bright side, I'm just so grateful I was wearing my helmet (always!).

Jess B said...

My biggest thing from 2014 was working through big, deeply painful (and humiliating) failure. Deeply. Painful. It cracked my heart and my confidence but so far I'm less sad, less cynical and more happy on a daily basis for having learned to lean into the pain. Lets all hope it stays that way! Just takes daily work, acknowledging lingering grief and some wine...

Jill said...

Love your list! Looks like a great year. For us, my husband got an awesome new job (hello, beautiful paychecks) and I finally learned to can (hello, beautiful tomatoes). I also went back to Colorado to see my best friend and I started writing a local history book that will be published in August. A pretty great year. :)

Jessica said...

Oh, 2014. I was introduced to love (again) in the form of a wiggling, redheaded baby. I learned that I'm a damn tough Mama, that rain can be a blessing and a curse. I especially learned that I am loved- that people see me and they care to see me smile. That was HUGE.

Can't wait to see what 2015 has in store for you, Lina! Hopefully a visit with my crazy crew!

DeNae said...

I was introduced to the mountains. We sold the house and packed up the four kids and moved to Colorado from Minnesota because we wanted to. And I still miss what was, but I am so freaking excited about what is coming.

Alice said...

My 2014: switched jobs from ICU nurse to case management, got into NP school, got all A's in aforementioned school, almost had a bona fide nervous breakdown, watched my sister and nephew move to Japan, made crafts for Christmas bc we're so poor with me in grad school, had my older cat get diagnosed with IBD, my younger cat with pancreatitis (and a feeding tube), my dog with degenerative myelopathy, passed 3 kidney stones knowingly, had 3 kidney stones surgeries and a stent placed (in addition to the ones I passed), gained weight, lost weight, gained weight again, considered divorce, and realized at the end of it all that it could have been so much worse.

Ebeth said...

I learned about wildfires!I learned that Sonora Pass in CA is both TERRIFYING and incredible and everyone should drive through there. I learned patience, transparency with loved ones and the beauty of dragging yourself up and through mountains solo because its' good for the soul.

Elizabeth said...

My good thing is unbloggable. ;) But my other good thing is I traveled alone for the first time and it. is. AWESOME.
My bad thing is I forced myself to face failure for the first time in my life. Yes, I've been rather lucky til now. But now I'm facing down the fact that it's likely I will not meet someone to marry and thus will not get to have children with that imaginary person. Therefore, it is likely that I will fail to meet the biggest goal of my life. I'm forcing myself to try to focus on other options--if I'm not going to work towards having a family of my own in that way, what am I working towards? It's unpleasant, to say the least. I also think it's necessary. We shall see.

Emily said...

it's cool to see how life evolves every year- your list is great :)

In my world, 2014 was HARD, but I sure did learn a lot- and got lots of reminders that being an adult still means growing up a little more every year.

The biggest deal was that I pushed through my anxieties and studied and wrote the exams and asked for the reference letters and prepared everything else required for grad school applications. To me it was a big deal- it took me 4 years to be brave enough to do all of this and there have been so many road blocks.

Aimee said...

Great list :-) 2014 looked like a great year!

From my year - 2014 highlights
- connecting with family, living on the yacht.
- reconnecting with friends from way way back and the perspective it gives
- watching my little girl ski for the first time. Realising I'm going to have to brush up FAST next season to keep up with her.
- learning more about myself and how to deal with my 'down' moments.
- Getting my sewing to a decent level and learning to crochet.
- bought a king bed - oh my god - the space, the amazing space.

2015 - I want to focus on taking care of myself, eating better, being fitter. Being mindful of the time with little lady, making the most of every second.

Liz Stout said...

Something new... Falling into a good yoga habit. I've wanted to for so long and have many failed attempts under my belt, but I now seem to be in a good swing of things and it is so very wonderful. Side effect of good yoga practice = better headspace. I'm able to slow down and get out of my head and not beat myself up so much about things. Giving oneself the benefit of the doubt is so very wonderful. Happiness is much more present as a result.

Britta said...

2014 showed me I'm not in charge. I found and chose hope. 2015 will bring a move, new job, and both are currently unknown. But I still have hope.

Theresa said...

One of my all time favorite quotes is by my beloved John Lennon, "Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans." I believe your evolution through the years is evidence of that! It's something so universal; something we all can lay claim to... Life has a tendency to keep rolling along.

2014 was definitely a year of change for my family. However, the biggest "new" in my life...

We are having a son. My husband and I were high school sweethearts and got married a month after our high school graduation. We know that mismatched, honeymooner furnished home all too well. 6 months after we said our I-do's we welcomed our first daughter, and just shy of her second birthday our second daughter came along. They are 7 and 5 now, both stunningly beautiful and have personalities like night and day.

This year we decided to add to our family one last time. We both assumed it would be another little bundle of pink. We focus our efforts on encouraging our girls in math and science and reminding them that they can do anything a boy can do. We have a pretty good handle on raising strong, empowered little ladies.

Lo and behold... We found out in December that I'm carrying a little boy. This is so new and strange to me and I am extremely excited to discover what it means to be a mama to a little fella.

Happy New Year Melina!

Pauline Heyne said...

Love this list Melina - makes me wonder what my list would be. The newest and coolest thing for me in 2014 was motherhood! Even through sleepless nights I am so happy to be a mom to the my little babe Paxson. Thanks for sharing xo

the mom~ said...

After many years of private Christian school, lots of prayers and tears we introduced our kids (& ourselves as their parents) to public school. It was a hard decision, one we spent many hours trying to figure out but in the end we KNEW, without a doubt this was the right decision and we've been very happy and blessed with incredible teachers and friends for our kids. Looking back, if I had know what I know now, the decision wouldn't have been as hard but it really did help us grow closer as a family.

Lisa said...

2014 was the most challenging year to date but I love this post because it's made me focus on all the awesome things that got lost in the crap. The very most defining event of 2014 and the one I'm most proud of was completing my Master of Science in Marketing and Business Analysis. It wasn't easy between dealing with the workload, deaths in the family, and a break up but I did it! So even though I tended to focus on the negatives there was a big, huge positive staring me right in the face all along.

Kim Hughes said...

2014 had two giant phenomenons for me! First, I planned an international trip all by myself. I traveled with my husband, but I did all the planning, arranging and organizing. We went to Italy. It was the best trip I've ever had in my life!

Then, we got pregnant! Not in Italy unfortunately, but a few months after.

So, new experiences for sure: independent international travel and a whole new bizarre body!

Cait said...

In 2014 I learned how to catch babies. Checking for nuchal cords is important.

Dymbrulee said...

2014 was definitely the year with the most new ever. March-give birth to twins. April-accept a promotion. May-move across the country with new borns and a 5 year old. June-diagnosed with olfactory Neuroblastoma (cancer). July to November-wage war against cancer. December-cancer's ass officially kicked!

marinj said...

You've got yourself a great list! I do think 2014 will go down as one of my hardest years with family issues, health scare, relationships at my job and the big decision of purchasing my own home. The single life and decisions that have to be made alone are scary and bit overwhelming, but the highlight of 2014 was definitely buying my own home. The year might of been tough but I also learned a lot about myself and it made me grow in ways I couldn't have without having these life trials that were thrown at me.

Bethany Smith said...

Happy New Year :-) It's amazing when you look back, to see just how much has been accomplished!

My 2014 was beautiful simplicity. Camping trips, zoo days, pools/waterparks/sprinkers, sidewalk chalk, backyard firepits. Birthdays, mundane days, extraordinary days. It was a good year to celebrate the amazing things happening to my friends and family, while quietly enjoying the easiness of my own little roost of hubby and babies.

Melina said...

Dymbrulee....the 'reply' option is not working for me (oh blogger) but if you happen to check back in and read this....oh my word woman. You packed so much into that one paragraph....what a year!! Congrats on the babies and on kicking cancer to the curb. I'd love to send you a card. email me your address at if you'd like!

Maria said...

One awesome part of 2014 was having a "real" job for the first time- sort of. I have been a full-time student since I started kindergarten (in 1995) and am at the point where I am so ready to do anything but school. 2014 marked my first clinical rotation in OT school, finally getting to do what I have been working toward for years. And I loved it! Now, just one semester to go...

Sarah said...

I also got back into running this year....good for you!! I just bought a used treadmill to keep me moving over the winter months!! Resolved to watch Friends from beginning to end only while on the "dreadmill" to make it less dreadful! :)

Katie said...

Ok, I finally thought of my answer.

My big thing for 2014 was finally learning to listen to myself! For the past couple of years, I've been in a job I loved, but in the last 6 months it's become a job I dreaded - burnout, overworked, stress, etc. The usual. I kept wanting to change, but for some reason, wouldn't let myself move on. Finally, one day, I told myself "Quitting isn't the worst thing. You can stop. You've been here three years, it's OK to move on." And that was the BEST I've felt all year, like two 50-pound weights just lifted right off my shoulders. It's a good idea to listen to that little inner voice.

And something less heavy … committing to training for a half-marathon! It was definitely new, and so much fun. Currently training for a second one now!

Keep up the writing Melina! I look forward to your posts all the time.

Jess said...

This list is great! As is your writing. Thank you so much for sharing your words, your vibrant life :)

I wrote a blog post with my own list of 10 things--thank you for the inspiration. You can find it here:

Happy New Year! Hope it is the best one yet!

EJ said...

Our son was born in July and cried non-stop (or so it seemed) until October. 2014 challenged me to be know patience without limits; to discover that my capabilities as a mother (especially in the wee hours of the morning after hours of attending to a screaming babe) are/feel super-human (why comic books don't feature "no-sleep woman" whose ability to function normally on less than three hours a night for months on end is beyond me - seems like an incredible useful superpower!); and to be grateful for all the little things that make the big things worth it.

Bring it on 2015!

Kid DYNOMITE said...

2014 Was the year we began to foster dogs. My father was diagnosed with colon cancer, I attended doctor appointments and chemotherapy with him. I turned 40. I hiked a tiny piece of the Appalachain Trail. I finally saw a Moose in the wild.

Lori Delgado said...

I love this little space of yours. I look forward to updates and to readng the coomments. It's so real.

2014 was about learning to deal with things out of your control. I thrive with consistancy and control. Not having it was new in 2014.

My husband lost his job. Ugh. Such ugly words. But what came from it was such beauty. We got to spend a once in a lifetime summer together, climbing (well, I try), camping, offroading, biking (again, I try), cooking, and just enjoying. It is something we may never get again. We've embraced the change, he's gone back to school, we've spent more time enjoying our property than ever before. Making the best of the situation was the best way to stick it to the man. Quite literally. I think it bothers the guy who "eliminated" the position, to give it to a friend the next week, just a bit to see my husband and I so enjoying. Well, at least I pretend it does!

And, as for the second hand furniture bit- we JUST got rid of my college futon (13 years strong!) and got a "grown up" couch! Shhhh...I miss the futon...

Katrina and David said...

First off, what a fun list! Such a great way to cap off the year.
2014 introduced me to Motherhood. I will never forget the second our eyes locked. I am forever changed. Sometimes I think my heart may burst with love!!

Virginia Prescott said...

2014 was a year where I learned how to explore new places with child in tow. We moved to AZ for 10 weeks, then ID for 10 weeks (both internships for school) and then finally returned to WA after my husband graduated PT school. All of this was done after losing a baby and with a 2year-old in tow. It stretched me in unimaginable ways and I learned you don't need very much stuff to be happy and family fun doesn't always have to cost money or look picture perfect.

Marie said...

I took up road biking. Even went out of my comfort zone and joined the local bike club. I made some great friends and rode in my first "century" ride - 100 miles! Never thought I would have even done that!

Casey Toby said...

2014 was quite the year! Top things: getting married and having a new last name and a new family is absolutely on the the top of my list; only second to learning how to scuba dive and spending a week in the Caribbean doing jut that (and getting married in the same week). Although those two things will not be topped, 2015 has huge potential to me and my husband so we're starting things off right and keeping a positive attitude and Keeping Our Shit Together through the stress!


Rachel said...

Gah, that picture for #9 is amazeballs.

Mandy Weston said...

I love this idea! A lot of new things happened in 2014. So so much. I can't even really commit to claiming one new thing was bigger than any other, but backpacking in Iceland is in the top three. In late 2013 I was looking at my "30 before 30" list and beginning to panic because I only had a year and a half left and way more than half my list to go... so I threw caution to the wind, convinced the boyfriend to come with, and bought airline tickets. It was a financial disaster and I severely injured myself while I was there, but so far it's been the best mistake I've ever made and I don't regret a minute of it :)

New goal for 2015: Be nice to myself.

carolyn said...

Lots of personal growth. Been scared to change jobs and I haven't yet but I am taking the steps to do so and not scared anymore! 😊

QueenTage said...

I know I'm late to the party but I want to throw my new thing in there just for the heck of it. I had always planned to be a mama but, it seems, fate has other plans (or maybe, hopefully just a longer journey) and inferility shook my world into fragments. At the beginning of 2014 I very suddenly decided that I was tired of waiting around for life to happen to me. I impulse bought a guitar and taught myself to play it, I delved into yoga and learned that everything is really, truly going to be okay, and I swam underneath a waterfall for the first time ever. In 2014, I chose a life of new experiences and adventures. It wasn't easy and there were some growing pains but I love that I became new.