Monday, July 27, 2015

Wimp. Writing Links.

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If you don't hear from me for a while, it's because I burnt up and died. Whenever it gets above 85 degrees I declare a personal state of emergency. I know 85 is not actually all that hot, what can I say, I'm sensitive. I'm a wimp. We all have areas in our lives where we wimp out, and mine are heat, shopping for pants (won't do it) and, as per our previous discussion, noise. (And elevators!) (And planning social gatherings!) Hey, what are yours? You can tell me in private if you'd like.

I've spent the majority of time since I've been home from our honeymoon sitting in my underwear next to the fan, working away. Getting up to refill my glass of ice, sitting down again. Some of my friends are absolute maniacs, just really off of the deep end, and they'll call me every now and again to ask if I'd like to go running, which is just absurd.  Of course not. Call again in October. 

Anyway, here are a few of the things I've been working on. I thought some of you might enjoy looking through a few of them, especially if you're local to the Blue Ridge Mountains, or even if you're not. If you really like any of them, share them! That helps me a lot. Otherwise, I'll be back very soon with the wedding photos. Stay cool! No running! 

Kenny Lex

Some eye candy. Obscenely beautiful mountains, ridges and waterfalls.  

Nick Page

Free or really cheap ways to get outside with your kids. Orchards, splash parks, butterfly houses, and more. I'm paying attention to this one myself.

Steven Reinhold

I chose these hikes because they're not going to cause you to whither and die of heat. All of these hikes are shaded, alongside a river, or up high where the temps are cooler. 


If you want to do something eerie, check out these ghost towns and abandoned places and odd attractions. But buyer beware- I visited the haunted tunnel and now lights go on and off in my house spontaneously and I am not joking, lying or exaggerating. 

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Swimmable waterfalls. SWIMMABLE WATERFALLS.

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I don't mean to boast, but I know a little something about drinking beers after an adventure. As a matter of fact, as I get older, I'm paying more attention to the beer than I am the adventure; this is easy to do when the bar down the street has chocolate peanut butter cup porter on tap, plus 59 other beers. (And I'm not joking, lying or exaggerating.)


Stormy said...

Having recovered from the Greatest Wedding in the 21st Century good to know you are hanging out in your underwear by a fan, taking hikes in gorgeous N Carolina scenery and drinking good beer. And still writing great blogs on your Superior Site. (That was a very bad use of an unanchored introductory participle I know)

Melina said...

Hey, no grammar police here. I love it. I like 'superior site.' just has a good ring to it. and ohmygoodness can't wait to write about the greatestweddingever! or at least, the greatest wedding that i've ever been the bride of!


Steve said...

For some reason I think this whole post was an excuse for you to include the picture of you in a swimsuit.

Melina said...

ah yes, 'steve', astute, except for that's not me, that's my boiling hot friend Lee. you ought to know the difference. I'm disappointed.

Erin Loughlin said...

I'm with you on the whole 'call me in October' thing. I cannot handle the heat. And I don't wanna handle it.

Melina said...

@erin. Exactly. Won't do it. I actually did run with said friends though yesterday- after 8pm. next to a river. still hot!

Marie said...

Ten family friendly adventures around Asheville.
Free or really cheap ways to get outside with your kids. Orchards, splash parks, butterfly houses, and more. I'm paying attention to this one myself.

Oh my, any reason you are paying particular attention to this one? ;)

Melina said...

@marie. oh ya know....lots of friend with kids..... ;)

Jamie said...

I don't even live near North Carolina, but I love reading your articles! I enjoy your concise, efficient and funny! style of writing. And your vocabulary! You keep writing, and I'll keep reading! From California, Jamie

Rhett said...

Ah, heat and pants shopping. I'm with ya. I turn into a sweaty, irritable mess with the heat. My husband doesn't understand why it bothers me so much. I don't know. Maybe dripping sweat is not that great a look for me? And the pants shopping? I have been wearing a lot more skirts these last few years. Why didn't I think of that sooner?

I've really enjoyed reading your articles. They make me want to be back in the Blue Ridge exploring. I miss swimming in the rocky streams and rivers there. Have you explored the Chattooga at all? So magical. Section 00 is an amazing place to visit. You can hike it but the best is to hike/swim it. August/September is a nice time to go. It's pretty special.