Monday, July 4, 2016

Shine Light on Lyme : The Event

just a few of the businesses participating in the raffle and silent auction!  

I am so excited to meet many of you this upcoming Sunday at the Shine Light on Lyme Benefit and Gala!

The festivities will be held on July 10th, from 2-5pm at Urban Orchards Cider House in our fine neighborhood of West Asheville.

Trader Joes is providing free food and Urban Orchards has plenty of delicious, house-made cider on tap as well as plenty of good Carolina beer and a full menu of local bites.

I'll be giving a very brief talk at 3pm just to discuss the purpose of this event : simply put, to connect those who need to be connected. Lyme warriors with other Lyme warriors, healers with those who need healing, friends and families of patients with chronic illness who need support and connection themselves. It is HARD to be a support person, to be an ally, a friend, partner, parent, of someone who is suffering. It takes a saint-like level of selflessness and patience. They need recognition as well, as well as some kick-ass raffle prizes.

I have not had to suffer in silence because of a combination of luck and resourcefulness, and now I want to share both of those things with others. Nobody should have to go through this feeling as if they are alone. We are anything but alone. We just need to find one another- hopefully on Sunday, on the sunny lawn of Urban Orchards with hammocks and drinks and food and prizes.

Everyone is invited to this event! No RSVP needed and there is no charge to attend. The raffle is STACKED! Art, photography, adventure packages, gift certificates to restaurants, breweries, juice bars, raw food cafes, health clubs, acupuncture, barber shops...there will even be a mobile clothing boutique on site!

Sunday will be uplifting, refreshing, helpful, honest, and fun. I cannot wait. And for those blog readers who I know will be attending (you know who you are...).....I am counting down the minutes till I can finally give y'all the hugs you deserve!

Any questions, please let me know. We are still warmly welcoming any additions to the event and the raffle / silent auction, so please let me know if you or your company would like to be involved. I am working with small businesses, artists and makers to help them get some great exposure and marketing as a thank you. A portion of the funds is going directly to the Lyme Light Foundation, which helps young adults and children afford facing Lyme and co-infections afford their treatment.

Together, we can transform this painful, mysterious, and frustrating health crisis into something worthy, something illuminating, lovely, a piece of our lives that brings us together instead of driving us apart, uplifts us instead of crippling us. A huge thank you to all of the local businesses who stand in solidarity with us that Lyme disease needs more recognition, awareness and acknowledgement! SEE YOU SUNDAY!!


Pam said...

Would love to be there to meet you in person, but I won't be able to. Good Luck and God bless and hopefully a lot of money will be donated. Have a wonderful time and take care...........

CaliGal said...

Oh how I wish I could be there for you and yours.....
Know that my thoughts and prayers will be with you most especially this Sunday!
Kudos Kiddo!! Wishing you every success!
xoxoxo "E"

Caitlin said...

Thank you so much for pouring your heart into that. It brought a lot of light to me personally. Best thing I've been to in a year since getting sick. Like a giant hug. <3