Saturday, January 24, 2009

by the grace of everything

I made it with the kayak. First my flight to Chile was canceled and was rerouted through Peru which gave me a 110% of being lost in South America for the remainder of my life. Then through a series of fortunate events I didn´t have to go to Peru, but I did have 20 minutes in Santiago inwhich to go to immigration, get turned away for not paying the tax, pay the tax, back to immigration, luggage pick up (kayak has been sliced open but still in tact) through customs (barely) there was a small incident with fruit and I had to leave behind Julia, New River´s Spanish teacher, so I got by with my mangled college spanish...running like hell through the airport with two bags and dragging my kayak, and by the grace of everything my flight to Temuco had been delayed and the second I re'checked my luggage and arived at the gate they boarded.

I thought I´d use that final leg in my journey to make lesson plans, instead I spent what was left of my energy trying to convince myself not to barf. I made a ¨pro not barfing¨list. It had been too much sleeping medication, too much cake...

see, i enjoyed the Lan Chilean airline´s cake they served with the meal so mcuh that i voiced that to the other two people in my seating isle, and they immediately both gave me their cake, which was so awkward because to be honest, I knew if I ATE THEIR cake )sorry no grasp on this weird keyboard) I´d get sick, but what could I do? I ate the cake, and then I got sick. but at least I befriended my seatmates, a redheaded chilean girl named Valentina wearing overalls and now we´re facebook pals.

anyway, to make a short story shorter I didn´t puke and here I am in chile.

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