Friday, January 23, 2009

probably closing down....saying no more alcohol....

Well on this sunny blue day in my hometown of Boston I made it to the airport 5 hours early and checking through was so easy it was almost a let down. I was a complete lunatic about the kayak thinking that wouldn't it just be my luck to have to leave the thing at the airport and then be the official school shuttle bunny for the next few years. So I stuffed it full of gear and strapped the paddle on and wrapped the whole thing with bubble wrap, a ground tarp and entire huge roll of packing tape. Actually to say I did it is a stretch....I begged a friend to drive 2 1/2 hours to come help me and spent most of the night driving him crazy trying to get it to be under 50lbs, and we eventually did, actually he did, I didn't do much but raise the anxiety level in the room, and made him stand on the scale 10,000 times to prove to me that it was within the weight limit.

I had this whole elaborate lie about how it was a surf ski, because kayaks are blacklisted from air travel. I invented an identidy about being a world renound surf skiier going down to teach at the International Conference of International Surf Skiiers. Then the woman at the gate just looks at it and says 'oh look, a surfboard. Put it over there.' She didn't even weigh it.

So here I am, I'm listening to: that's the only love I if you're calling....I bet you're in a bar....cause I'm always your last call...

I gotta go now, gotta read about Michelle Obama and her learn to be just like here.

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