Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Question o' the day: who would you support?

If you had enough money that you could live well but also give well....which charity would donate to? Assume you could only choose one. Why?

When my ship comes in, a substantial portion will go to Planned Parenthood. They are a remarkable organization that does good work to people in every walk of life. They put into practice nearly everything I stand for. I don't know how they survived the bush years, but things are probably looking up for them now that Obama is in the Whitehouse. They have a lot of crazy (and powerful) enemies, so everyone who works there is pretty damn heroic.

I want to know your choice, leave me a message.


Maggie said...

One of my favorite charities is the Central Asia Institute. If you've read/heard of the book Three Cups of Tea, that's what it's talking about. They raise money and build secular schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan. A lot of these schools are for girls, and located in areas where there aren't any other options for school.

Melina said...

Maggie, I teach that book in my world literature and American Literature classes. What an incredible story!! Thanks for the response!

Anonymous said...

The Access Fund, of surprise there. It keeps climbing sights open to the public...that and American Whitewater. They are great organizations that I benefit from every time I go out climbing and boating.
--Daniel G

Annabelle Lee said...

Three Letters. NPR. I don't know how they survived the Bush years either.

Anonymous said...

I would definitely give money to the Miles Mcdonough fund.
Such a great cause.

Melina said...

I'm inspired. I think I'll give half my income from this summer to the Miles M foundation. But don't get too excited Miles....1/2 of 0 is still 0!