Thursday, July 23, 2009

Seattle Searchlight presents the Best of Seattle Everything, Part 1

What would you nominate as Best of Seattle, in terms of bakeries, pastries and places to play outside? Leave a comment and I'll check it and and see how it compares...
I'm in search of the best of Seattle. The best of Seattle Everything, that is. So far the search has included the best bakeries, pastries, iced tea shops (formerly known as coffee shops but I can't drink coffee anymore, which is so sad) and the best outdoor activities. These are all good things to test. Infact, I think the search will continue to focus on these things throughout the summer, although it may expand to include bookstores.
Today was a test day. In the morning I tested Honore, the bakery on 70th and 8th. Macaroon #1 was passion fruit with dark chocolate filling, macaroon #2 was lavender with milk chocolate filling. The result? Definitely makes the shortlist. Could be a winner. But we have half of summer left to eat so let's not be hasty with our adulation.

It was a foggy day and Juno and I decided to test the North Bend area. On our search for the trailhead of Mailbox Peak, we found the middle branch of the Snoqualmie running dry (usually a good run to paddle).Then we hiked around for a while. On our way out we stopped and ran up Mt. Sai for good measure. The result? Every one's a winner! Great wilderness only 34 exits outside of the city. We left in the morning and came back at night, and we barely had enough energy to go to Whole Foods and look at unidentifiable animals atop mini cupcakes at Whole Foods. (Frogs?)


Cassandra said...

Pigs... and I think there's a semblance of frog in the front row.

Sebby said...

Best rope swing: Exit 38 off I90, head towards the Fire Training Center. After you cross back under I-90, pass a parking lot, and drive past a gate, you'll come to a bridge over the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie. Stop and park, and look under the bridge.

Friday afternoon?