Saturday, February 27, 2010

Earthquake in Chile

This morning, February 27 an 8.8 earthquake struck Chile. For comparrison, Haiti was a 7.5. Both New River Academy and World Class Kayak Academy are in Chile. World Class was already at the Futa, far South of the epicenter of Concepcion, Chile's 2nd largest city. But my kids were in transit and we did not know exactly where they were.

It was an agonizing day of frantic communication and studying maps, until one girl was able to text her father- they were on the Ferry already heading towards the Futa. They were all safe.

David Hughes is still missing. He is the director of the program but this semester he has not been traveling with them. Collectively, the families of the students/staff and I have called the Red Cross, American Embassy in Chile and our Congressmen.....

I created a Disaster profile for David with his description, and where I think he might be. Google has an amazing "I'm Looking for someone: Chile earthquake" thing online. I last heard from him the night before the quake and he was in San Alfonso del Maipo, which is about an hour away from Santiago. I hear from another parent that he was planning on being in Santiago today.

Santiago was hit severely, a 7 on the richter scale. But I know that internet is working at least in some places in the city. I do not understand why he has not contacted any of us. I am filled with nightmares after creating his profile and scrolling through all the " I have reason to believe this person is mising/ I have reason to believe this person is dead/ I have spoken to this person since the earthquake."

The families and Kara and I have all been talking and we think that he is probably unable to get to internet, or busy helping other people. But either way I am too panicked to sleep. I'm just writing this to calm myself down. David when you read this and laugh at me for being dramatic, please send us a message that you're alright.

Here are some photos from the BBC website.

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