Wednesday, June 23, 2010

And lead us not into temptation

I'm eating alone at a restaurant, reading a book, when from a few tables away I overhear a woman exclaim to her friend:

"You ate the entire omelet? How liberating!"

I take an immediate mental inventory of everything I've eaten in the past two days.

The conclusion I've drawn: I am the most liberated woman on the planet. Also, I'm fat.


ellamccoy said...

Melina, least fat person around!

elissa said...

i hope this doesn't stem from the dog scale incident.

Melina said...

Thank you Miss Ella! And Elissa, why perhaps! Think of the blog post i could write "the day I hit rock bottom was when i was forced to stand on a veterinarian's scale to be weighed."

That isn't really the truth but still. So funny.

Cassandra said...

BAHAHA Most liberated woman in the world...
I have nothing constructive to say except that you're gorgeous (obvious to everyone around you) and that woman's comment is one of the funniest things ever... Also no. I was not the militant biker lady. I thought it could have been, but then I realized I would never put "f*" and "inconvenient" in the same sentence.