Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Writing for my rent

A portion of my rent, to live here in North Asheville with an old friend, includes writing one piece of fiction a month.

He insisted. I resisted for five months. He threatened to evict me.

My fiction blog, Then The Radio Died, pre-dated The Wilder Coast by three years, but has been more or less abandoned.

If you'd like to visit and read the ongoing saga of Eve and The Lunatics, head on over to this very strange little place. It can be a little shadowy and even sometimes smokey.
All the art you'll see over there is courtesy of Ali Walsh. It may haunt you.


Cassandra said...

YESSSS FINALLY! Well done, Yonton.

Unknown said...

I am loving your writing over there, as I love all of your writing. Keep it up!

Shellie said...

Hope all is ok! Have not heard from you in a LONG time. With the nice weather in NC right now you must be having some adventures.....