Friday, August 22, 2014

All in a week

1. beautiful blue ridge mountains 2. return to algebra- my first day of math tutoring 3. long ride on my last day of summer 4. I made spring rolls. this is not a food blog. but I made them 5. the dog in her mountain nest 6. we are down to the tiny details in the new house!!! 7. queen of the wild blueberries 8. hiking black balsam knob 9. I just really liked this twirly thing 10. lakeside picnic for Dave's school 11. Kelli rides through the green, humid Bent Creek 12. it's much hotter than Seattle, and there aren't bodies of water at the end of every block. Finding swimming spots is my latest challenge. 

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Diary of Why said...

I am so glad you're blogging again! I love your pictures and your post yesterday made me laugh. Thanks for entertaining me at work. :)

Meghan said...

I have missed your "All in a week" posts - glad to see a new one :-)