Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My naked, dirty, sinning legs

My intoxicatingly fantastic childhood friend Elissa, who is marching down the aisle this Saturday, responded to my previous post with this amazing comment:

"To the knee" was merely a guideline for winter wear. I would just hope in a big, Holy, drafty church, one's naked, dirty, sinning legs didn't get cold.

(Man, has she got me pegged or what!)

Oh yes she's feisty, oh yes she's creative, and OH YES she decided to tie the knot in the middle of a Vermont winter. In a big big snowstorm. And I'm stuck nearly 1,000 miles away, and yeah I've got a 4 wheel drive car, but I also grew up in Vermont and I know that not even a 16-wheel-drive army tank will navigate through them bad ass conditions.

So what do I do? Weather reports show those nasty little snow cloud icons for the next four day. But what choice do I have, you know? There's a fair chance that I'll be spending the next few nights roadside in a dismal PA Holiday Inn, but I've got to get my naked, dirty, sinning legs into that church, if only to see this one in a classic white dress:
Oh, and also to see our mutual best friend Sophia wear a bridesmaid dress. I just hope it's pastel Elissa, I'm driving a long way so I HOPE TO GOD YOU you made Sophia wear Pastel!!!(Sophia stopped making any sort of imprint on film around 2002. Shown here is a rare glimpse of her shadow.)


elissa said...

Love you, love this! Now, you know as well as I do that I would never wrangle sophia into a dress. You'll see what she's wearing and be pleasantly surprised and amazed at my ingenuity and ability to fit her right in ;)

Last night, I was sitting in Bentley's at 9 pm surveying the 2 feet of snow in Woodstock, and watching power go out from building to building. The entire Green was dark. It was like a beautiful, snowy ghost town.

NOT to discourage you... after all, my father's in Pennsylvania right now driving my 85 year old grandmother home today... ;)

Can't wait to see you girl. and your naked, dirty, sinning legs... which i love.

Alden said...

Did she become a vampire in 2002?

Colleen said...

i would just like to say that this article really truly speaks to elissa's personality and her choice to get married in the worst weather yet, because lets face it would it have been as fun if all of us didn't have some horror story of driving to get here!? (or fly for that matter) me personally this weather is perfect, because when else will i get to wear snow boots with a formal dress to wedding...